Hanging Out in Salem With Friends

We arrived tired and still wet but Len and Kay took us in, fed us and today drove us to several interesting photo opportunities in Salem. I had forgotten that Salem is the capital of Oregon and the capital is full of lush gardens, parks, and sculptures. We are still at Len and Kay's tonight! We thank them for their hospitality, great food and conversation.

As our 'photo day' started we stepped out in mere sprinkles and I took the opportunity to photograph the front of their home  Then on to the capital and finally, for fun, a carousel.

The statue above the capitol is that of a frontier man.  Very impressive and imposing, especially against the brewing storm clouds!

Tom got a good shot of the dome inside the capital. Pioneer man would be sitting above the stars.

From the capital we went to a carousel that was created for the community by people who live in the community. Each piece was carved by local residents and was funded by residents who had a part in the design and symbols placed on each piece. I have never seen such a gorgeous carousel.  For $5 you can ride and the ride is a long one.




Fall colors are not profuse here, yet!  But, once in a while you see a tree that is strutting new fall fashion colors.  I fell in love with this tree.  It is NOT following anyone else's trend . . . just my kind of tree!

Tomorrow we are back on the road.  We are rested and grateful to have friends that offered us a great place to weather the storm.  We are excited to get back into full time photography.

Appreciate each of you.  Have a great week.