It's a Rainy Day in Portland

We have a nice warm room.  Which is good as it has rained all day and the wind has been more than these old photoggers wanted to deal with.  Our Nikons got a well deserved rest.  We ventured out for dinner, however. We sat by the window in this lovely Thai restaurant and watched as a couple stopped just in front of us.  They each had a large umbrella.  They engaged in a rather heated discussion and their animation was tilting their umbrellas in just such a way that they were dumping water onto each other.  It was hysterical and I really wanted my camera (which was safely stored in the car). By the time I thought of my iPhone they had moved on down the sidewalk. Dang it!!

So, today's travel photos consist of me grabbing two quick ones with my iPhone.

Then I got to playing around with taking photos of the rain through the front windshield.  You can tell I am going through extreme withdrawal!  LOL

We head for Astoria in the morning.  What better place to see a storm move ashore than from there. Right? We will end the day in Salem, OR having dinner with Len and Kay.  For those not on the photo distribution list, Len is our incredible bird photographer (along with many other photogging talents).

Hope your Sunday is delightful.