Mount Hood

When it rains in the morning, mountains beckon.  So off to Mt. Hood! The ski resorts are getting ready. Some plants showing fall colors. Every once in a while the sun peeked through clouds.  What a teaser that Mr. Sun is!! .

Along the road we saw many signs for fruit stands.  It is harvest time here and the choices are abundant. We spotted one stand with a huge flower garden.  That is where we stopped on the way back.  Could have spent the whole day there!  We each have hundreds of great photos of flowers, pumpkins, old stuff, the fruit stands, and even a few of baby goats.







Here is my observation. If I am busy photographing flowers (I could have stayed in this garden all day), Tom will find something to capture when he tires of flowers, which will not take long. He will capture something I did not even see. "Did you get the gas pump?" he inquires as we drive back to the hotel.  "What gas pump?" I reply.  This one.

The garden was just the perfect place to try out the 24mm prime.  In some ways, this specialty lens is loads of fun.  But to get the results I really want will take some practice.  Am getting better at it.

This is my candy corn photo.

Then, there was this stylized cat that showed up disguised as a pumkin stem.  Even has a scarf in prep for winter!

I mentioned the harvesting going on.  We found one area where the harvesting had not started.  We could not believe how laden down the trees were.  My goodness, I can only imagine their 'trunk ache'.

Finally, we were able to capture a couple of "not so good, but it is Mt Hood" photos. We hope to get better ones before we leave the area.


We are still having fun. Wish you the best day ever!