Colfax to The Dalles via Palouse Falls

We left Colfax in a light rain.  Arrived in The Dalles in a light rain.  But, the in between part was just gorgeous!  I got one more shot along a road leaving Colfax.  I smiled as the image reminded me of my grandson's love of roller coasters. Tomorrow is his tenth birthday.

Palouse Falls is definitely off the beaten path.  You can see it with just a very short easy walk from the parking lot.  But getting to that parking lot requires some out of the way road travel and the last two miles is gravel. The falls are over 200 feet and empty into a beautiful canyon. I practiced shooting it FAST and shooting it SLOOOOOOW.


Tom shot from a different perspective.

A really wide angle shot from Tom shows off the canyon.

We have many more shots, of course.  But, after a while they all begin to look like a waterfall!!  Wonder how that happens?

The road trip offered a lot of shooting opportunities.  Tree farms? This was shot from the right seat with me at 70 miles per hour.

Tonight we are resting in The Dalles.  Tomorrow we start our Columbia Gorge adventure from the Oregon side of the river.  We have several waterfalls selected to spend some time shooting. The forecast calls for a 40 to 50% chance of rain between The Dalles and Portland.  I am sure waterfalls look best in rain!

We hope your week is shaping up just as you would like.  If not, take a day to go shooting.