One Day, Two Hikes and One Mountain

Super day!  We started off hiking Gorton Creek.  It is reputed to have a gorgeous waterfall but we took one path and it dead ended without the fall.  It was meant to be as this site has the reputation as 'difficult to access'. Intsead we slowly wandered along a path that was exquisite, so very green and full of growth.  There were several waterfall wannabes that were photo lovely.


Notice the pipe showing in the next photo.  It was spooky! First, I had no idea where the other end was.  I assume it was put in for drainage purposes at some point. Second, it was the source of this low, almost dijeridoo sound that I heard once in a while on the hike.




Taken with Nikon D800 and processed in Final Cut.

Wahclella Falls was up next. To reach it was a 1 mile hike from the trail head.  For us, with our gear, it was quite strenuous but we stopped along the way to take pictures. We were treated early on with a water stream that we could touch.

Photographically, this waterfall is a challenge. It is so strong and compact that it is easily blown out, even in the subdued light of the canyon. This next shot was taken before you can actually see the whole waterfall. Notice the small thin waterfall above the big one.  


Can't say that I like the DOF.  There are still some parts that are soft.  Really need at least 1/750 to stop a waterfall as strong as this one and the light just would not get me there.  Neither would my flash!!!  When I got home and looked at my metadata I realized that I had not changed my ISO!!  GRRRRR . . . . That could have saved this image.  I missed it.  And, I am not hiking back for it either!  Mantra: Check ALL settings. Check ALL settings.  Repeat.


Tom caught me. Now I realize that when I slide my camera belt to one side I create a bulge.  But, it gets the gear out of the way so I can operate the camera.  Adding me to the shot gives you a better idea of just how big this fall is.

This video is for my mom.  A whole minute!!  Two views.  Love ya mom!


Taken with Nikon D800 and processed in Final Cut.

In hopes of getting Mt. Hood in an evening 'glo' we drove 40 miles out of the way in getting back to our hotel. Clouds!  It was not until we got almost to the end of the drive that we could see any part of the mountain. This is not the best shot I could have hoped for, but am sharing it nonetheless.

A pretty good storm is expected for the area this weekend.  We are headed to Portland.

Have a great weekend.