The Palouse Area

The Palouse area stretches out about 50 to 60 miles in each direction.  I think we covered all of it today . . . all the time hoping for some good light. We woke up to clouds.  Again!!  Never mind that, we left in the dark to drive up Steptoe Butte.  The clouds did not allow any golden light but treated us to some pink and yellow clouds. Here is my take of the scene.

Here is Tom's take of the same scene (more or less).

As this was primarily a scouting trip, we drove back roads to see if we could get a better understanding of where we would want to be on our next trip.  We learned a lot!!  And along the way we found interesting things to photograph, including some new looks to fields.


While taking the photo below, the owner of the property came out and talked to us. We have met so many wonderful people!  His sister lives in Bullhead City.  He also likes to take photos.  Gave us a tip for a good site just down the road from where they are tearing down an old grain silo.

I really loved this barn and asked Tom to capture its personality as I stayed in the car slightly off the road. In true Tom style he accentuated everything I loved about it and spent a long time removing distracting telephone wires and other debris.  Notice the air-conditioning (vented roof).  Yes, it was getting cloudier, again.

In addition to our own scouting we often ask local residents what they think is interesting.  A restaurant owner and his wife recommended a 'covered bridge'.  They told us that when photography workshops come to town they go to photograph this particular bridge. He even showed us on a Google Earth map how to get there!  OK! We are on it!

Must admit that when I first saw the bridge I had to laugh.  Really?  But, then I saw how the bridge reflected in the water.  It makes it look like a waterfall!  Must admit it does not look like other things around here!

Finally, our fun shot comes from Tom.  As we drove into Colfax he spotted this car. It is a 1955 Cadillac.  He shot the image from the car and through the tinted window. Since his polarizer was still on the lens, a rainbow effect is created. Tom actually accentuated the issue. That caddie has never been seen in such a great light until now.

Tomorrow morning we head out early to Palouse Falls and then on to the Columbia Gorge for several days. We have our 'falls' and hikes picked out.  The weather is supposed to be favorable.

It has been nice to hear from friends and we are grateful that our family can stay in touch and enjoy our trip. We hope that you are capturing great images - an image a day keeps the blues away.