Glacier National Park

Good news!!  It was not raining as we left for Glacier National Park.  Tough to believe how foggy it was when we got there.  OK, we are good in rain so we can learn fog!  We drove up Going to the Sun Highway which takes you up to Logan's Pass and beyond.  We did not do beyond.  That is quite a drive!!  There are lots of pull-out places and eveyone was polite and patient with each other.  If only there had been more sunlight . . .

I got a bit closer at the next pull-out.

Streams and waterfalls were the most fun to shoot . . . and the most difficult in flat gray light!



We were suprised to see blue in the water, much like we saw in Iceland.  Must be the glacier ice as it melts. It is much more pronounced with any sunlight hitting it.  I don't know how that works or why it is so . . . my mom might look it up for me. Hint, hint . . . mom!

We have not seen bears or bison.  We have seen some deer and elk.  Ducks flew into the pond above. It was a treat to see them swim in water so clear that you can see the rocks in the bottom of the creek.

We spotted this young deer by the road and Tom had seconds to grab this one.  From the right seat window.

One of the striking characteristics of the area is the amount of land that still shows the impact of forest fires in the area.  In some ways it gives a sense of hope.  New growth is evident . . . and slow!!  In another way it is sobering to see what the consequence of such forces are on the landscape.

McDonald Lake figures prominently in the landscape.  Photographing it in the light we had was challenging. Tom got close and personal with it!! The angle and composition enabled him to minimize the effect of the fog. I shot it later in the day with different light.


We are headed back to the park in just minutes.  We have given Mother Nature time to lift early morning fog and hopefully today we will see mountain peaks and the grandeur that this park is known for. This time we are driving straight up to Logan's Pass and to try a 1.5 mile hike to look for Hidden Lake. It is a HUGE commitment to pass by sites we liked yesterday if the light were just a bit better. If we find Hidden Lake we will share photos.

Hope your weekend is shaping up just as you would like and that it includes photography.  If nothing else, stay home and clean your gear!