We Found Hidden Lake

What a spectacular day!!!  We hiked up to Hidden Lake within the Glacier National Park.  Uphill, with all our gear! We took our time (had no choice) and shot along the trail. Once we arrived at the lookout we went further as everyone told us the view was better just down the trail. You know the drill . . . look back and you are much further than you thought you had moved as you chase that illusive lifetime shot!!  When we realized how late it was getting and that we really should head back to the car, we spotted Bighorn Sheep. Well, there goes that idea!!  We made it back safely and just in time to enjoy the last shadows of a great park  We arrived back at our hotel after dinner.  It was 10:30pm.

We hope that you enjoy these photos.







All day long people had been asking each other if anyone had seen any wildlife. Nope!!  But such teasers these Bighorn sheep.  As mentioned, we were supposed to leave.  Then I spotted one below us.  Later, a squeal from a child behind us.  He was excited to see the Bighorn.  That was a better opportunity for us because they were closer. Here are a few of our better ones . . . and we took a lot of not so good to bad ones!  You can see the very golden hour effect on their bodies.  Hard not to get them totally blown out, especially as we were facing the sun.

The Bighorn seemed to like something on the rock as they took turns licking the sides and top.  

Then a big male jumped up on the rock.  Whatever the good taste was, it must be better from the very top!

Steady boy!!

Today we head to Couer d'Alene, ID.

Wishing each of you a great weekend.  It can only be that if it means you have some contact with your camera!!  Bet the leaves are 'fall beautiful' in Oak Creek Canyon.