On the Road to Kalispell

We headed out from Livingston, MT after noon towards Kalispell.  I drove and Tom navigated and clicked away. We stopped in Butte for lunch, driving through the historic part of town.  Now, that place is a treasure for folks liking to photograph historic towns. 

This evening's mix is much smaller than yesterday (whew, my mom can sigh).  The landscape images were all shot from the 'left seat' with the car moving.  All shots today were taken with Tom's 70-300mm Nikkor.


The rays seen across the photo are reflections from my window as he shot through the glass.






Tomorrow morning REEEEEEEELY early we are heading out to Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park to catch a sunrise shot.  The weather is forecast to be just perfect for the next two days!!

Wishing you a great shooting day.