Sung to "It's A Rainy Day in Boulder"

It's raining again.  Neither of us clicked once yesterday.  Seems kind of strange to check into a hotel, get everything unpacked and not need to charge camera batteries.  

We are up! Here is our weather map at the moment.

Coffee is on!  Life is great.  

So, how about looking at some of the photos we took of the oldest church in Colorado.  We had not processed those images and since we did not shoot anything yesterday it gave us an opportunity to catch up a bit.  

The church was build in 1856 and compared to many mission churches we have visited this church seems really new! We met up with Michael, the church's caretaker, who gave us some historical information and invited is into the church to take photos. He asked if we could put together an image to replace the old on in the sign at the front of the church.  He wants one that incorporates the madonna and the church with the madonna placed up in the sky overlooking the church.  Tom said he could do that and did so last night.  It took some time (hence only my images today).




We are off to go back over the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. We are still hoping for a sunny sunrise on mountain sides but may find rain again. Either way, today we are shooting! We will head up into Wyoming tomorrow.

Hope everyone is staying dry, cool and shooting often.