Shelter in Place?

No, that is not a good idea!  We were out of the motel by 5:15 and drove 20 miles in horrendous rain towards Estes Park.  Just as I was ready to tell Tom I could not drive any further we spotted emergency lights ahead of us.  As it turned out, it was a sheriff's vehicle parked in such a way as to block the road. Traffic was being returned to Boulder.  Her instructions were that residents and others were to 'shelter in place' as all roads in and out of Boulder were closed!!  She offered to direct us to a Red Cross shelter if we had no place to stay.

We slowly headed back to Boulder, noting that the water was much higher in some places than it was earlier. We ate breakfast at IHOP and weighed our options.  Tom felt that I-25 would not be closed so he came up with a route that took us that far. Once on I-25 we headed right for Cheyenne, in heavy rain and fog.  We are spending the night in Lander, WY.

We will not be going back to Rocky Mountain National Monument.  Neither of us felt that staying one more day in Boulder would allow a trip back over Trail Ridge Road.  It could be closed for days.  Our hearts extend sympathy and prayers for those affected by the severe weather.  It was scary for me.  I cannot imagine the fear that would come with evacuating in the dark.

Intermittent rain, often heavy, stayed with us until just outside Lander.  We took some photos along the way and tried taking some in downtown Cheyenne and along the road either from the car or where we could pull over.

Taken along I-25 near the Ft. Collins exit.

Pretty funny that you can be so anxious to shoot that even a shot out the front windshield is OK!!

When we got to Cheyenne the rain let up just long enough to give us hope.  I went to the train station.  Tom headed down an alley!  I admit I like his alley shot.  Just another one of the photos that tells it like it is and has geometry, patterns, mood, weather, etc.  I would not have taken it.  Glad he did.


Shots along the road were slim picking.  Tom tells me this part of Wyoming can be repetitive and boring.  I agree.  Fog, rain, fog, rain!!!!!  LOL.  But then, we would turn the corner, the sky would clear up some, a bit of sun would peek through . . .


As we got close to Lander the scenery changed from the above to more hills, green grasses, farming and sheep!!

But, as I walked further up the road this item was more visible . . . a sheepherders wagon!!

We are up early this morning.  The sky is CLEAR!!!!  We are blessed with each other's company, a great expectation for the day and a bunch of friends that feel close as we shoot.

Be content.  Shoot often (it will raise your contentment meter).