Another Rainy Day at Chautauqua

Yep, just one of those rainy days.  The sun never came out so it made it easier to stay inside at our conference! However, we still did get in a few shots.  This campus is just awesome!  Our meeting room is in an old house with windows all around and a feeling that many people have been transformed in this space. We meet in the upper floor and then hang out on the porch.

The grounds around campus would be very inviting to sit and chat . . . if the sun were out.  If nothing else one could sit and laugh at squirrels that tease photographers (at least in such low cloudy light).

Flower beds abound.  Aside from being pretty well beaten down by constant rain, some of it pretty heavy, they are fun targets for a quick dart out with a camera between rain showers.

Tom did hike a bit up the mountain yesterday.  Moody, wet, rainy.

The cottages are decked out in wet finery and there is some evidence of a change of season.

Our conference ends at noon. We plan to spend another night in the Boulder area before heading back over the Trail Ridge Road early tomorrow, hopefully getting some morning sunlight and before the afternoon rain sets in.  We have had many suggestions from our friends here.  How about Banff, since you are already in the area? Or Glacier National Park? The fish market in Seattle is a favorite.  Or an island off the Washington coast.  Or . . . the world since we are in the area!!!

Hoping all of you are doing just splendidly.  If not, get out and shoot!  If so, get out and shoot!