The Truly GRAND Tetons

What eye candy!  We left Lander and drove to the Teton National Park. Luckily, we entered from the east which is the preferred entrance if you want to be overwhelmed by immediate grandeur!! We spent the rest of the day clicking away.  It is impossible to capture the majesty that these mountains possess. Even the surrounding area rides on the wave of beauty in this special place. Enjoy.



While we saw more sun yesterday than the previous four days, it was still cloudy both in the morning and afternoon.  We have had few opportunities to capitalize on that golden light.  Fall is just beginning here, especially with some of the low-lying bushes.




We are spending at least two more days in the Tetons.  We have a nice log cabin room, coffee pot that works, gas in the car . . . and views to die for.  Tom said he is not leaving until we get some good light!!  I wonder, is snow reflected light considered good? If we stay long enough we will see full fall, the migration of elk and moose, and snow.

Cheers.  Hey, its the weekend.  Ya better get out and shoot!