We Are On Our Way

Tom and I left at 5:40 am.  This sunrise shot was taken from the car by Tom. 

We commented that it was a bodaciously audacious start to our Fall Journey.

As we approached the exit to Page we saw this gorgeous meadow on the right. DETOUR! I think this will be a common occurance! Head up to Flagstaff and check out this year's incredible green everywhere. This field, and there is much more than shown here, is on the south side of the exit.  Go south from the exit and you will see a road back where you can safely park.


After waaaay too many Yellow Meadow photos we headed toward Sunset Crater and into a big gray thunderstorm!  We did not stop at Sunset Crater, prefering to go directly to Waputki Indian Ruins.  We were just ahead of the storm, as you might guess from the cloud cover.  Look up Waputki . . . worth a day trip.  If you get there early enough you can check the other ruins in the area, but if only one is feasible make it Waputki.

As we drove back to the highway leading to Page we passed high plateau landscapes that were the greenest I have ever seen.  The rain followed us the whole way!

Finally, we agreed to 'get with it' and get on to my mom's in Albuquerque.  Yeah right!!  We were deep into one of the strongest storms I have ever been in.  It was in front of us, behind us, over us!  But, what is a trip without a bit of Americana, even in a storm?  From the car, Tom shot this image as we raced to Winslow.  It was early afternoon and the roadside attraction was being lit by a very narrow beam of sunlight peeking through the clouds.  Even now the image brings a smile.  We are going to have such an adventure!  It is nice to have alll my friends and family along.

We arrived at Mom's about 7:30 pm, picked up KFC on our way.  Today we have just visited with mom and sister, added a Travelogue page to my PhotoSpydie website and watched the clouds get gray and ominous.

Be well and shoot often.