To Taos

Already a slight change of plans!  Of course.  Tom and I drove to Taos and found so much to photograph that we decided to spend the night in Taos, take in some more tomorrow and then head to Colorado.  Our first stop was at the St. Francis of Asis Mission Church.  It was built between 1772 and 1816.  It is both a National Historic Landmark and a World Heritage Church.  I think it is also cool because it has been extensively photographed by notables such as Ansel Adams and Paul Strand and painted by Georgia O'Keefe! Unfortunately, the chapel was closed today. Interestingly, it is the 'backside' of the church that is most appreciated!

The front side is more colorful and traditional.

Even though the church seems rather plain, Tom manages to get interesting shots of the components.



Like most of the old mission churches, this one is surrounded by other buildings that either offer food or curios and in this case it appeared that some of the buildings were being used as homes.  They too are old, run down in some cases and quite colorful.



We left the church and headed for the bridge across the Rio Grande Gorge.  The bridge is the second highest suspension bridge in the country (so we were told).  Well, it is not the Grand Canyon . . . but interesting nonetheless.  We got there at the worst time of day, lighting wise.  But, here we go . . . Bridge first.

Looking the other way . . . and looking waaaaaay down . . . 

We shot a couple of places along the road as the weather just got more and more interesting.  We headed into town for lunch and the lightning, thunder and rain had us running from the restaurant back to the car. We checked into a motel and are set for the night.  More adventures tomorrow!

Be well and shoot often.