Heading South Along Oregon's Coast

Starting in Cannon for a rainy morning shoot, we spent the rest of the day traveling south down Oregon's coast to Lincoln City where we are overnighting.  What a variety of scenes!!  It is difficult to integrate them all into any specific thing.  I laughed this afternoon when I realized that every time I saw the word creek or river on an Oregon map it meant that there would be water!!

We are so used to waking up to rain that it now does not even faze us.  We were very early this morning, so our shots reflect the early blue light as well as storm clouds. We don camera 'raincoats', grab an umbrella and just get to it.




Later, as we drove south, we stopped at a state park.  We peered out into a light misty rain at what looked like a rain forest, not a beach?  "I will go check it out", I volunteered. I did not make it all the way to the beach. After a 30 minute hike (I really should have turned around earlier), I gave up and returned to the car.  But, what lushness, green, moist, vibrant life! And a stream that was loud and full of water! I told Tom, "There is a shot out there for you if you want it!"  He did not take me up on the challenge.  LOL




Taken with D800 and processed in Final Cut.

We continued to drive south, shooting along the way. Views can be spectacular, epansive.

We stopped in Rockaway Beach to check out a lovely beach with pretty big waves, clouds, nice sand.  The tide was coming in.

I noticed Tom at water's edge.  With the tide moving in, he was having to back up to keep his feet dry.  But, he kept going back to the very edge.  The next series of photos are put on with his full permission.  The story does not end well.




At that point I admit to chuckling.  My dearest Tom.  What he will do to get just the shot he wants!  I tried calling out to him to but he could not hear me with the sound of the ocean. Tom was developing a pretty good backstep dance!

He is simply not baffled!  He sets up again.

By now I have switched to video mode on my camera.  One of the mantras of a street or news photographer/videographer is that you stay with your story.  You stay with your story.  You stay with your gear.  Right!  I failed.  Eventually, the ocean won. Tom backed up right out of my frame (I was not with my story) and then I left my gear to assist him. He was actually disappointed that I did not catch his actual fall. "Did you see how I kept my arm up and out of the water so the camera would stay dry?", he commented. Yes, but your camera belt is soaking, the phone is wet, the iPod is wet and you are soaked!

Taken with D800 and processed in Final Cut.

After drying everything we could and changing clothes, we had lunch and continued south.  We stopped at Meares Point to photograph a lighthouse. These are for you, Anden.


We decided to head to the hotel a bit earlier than we had planned.  I lucked out with a nice laundry facility just downstairs.

Today we have sunshine!!!!!!!  We cannot wait.

Cheers.  Hope you are planning a shooting weekend.