Lincoln City to Newport

Finally, an opportunity to shoot a sunset!  But first, we need to get to Newport. We pulled over a lot, checked out parks and paths that go down to sandy beaches.  Here are some of the days 'takes'.

I admire anyone who can start their day flying a kite on the beach.  This flyer was so good he actually walked this kite, end to end, along the beach.  Perfect control.

Tom and I both love shooting waves.  He is looking for the perfect one.  I am looking for the interesting one. Two different seekers along the beach!


 Then, there is this wave.  Talk about force and attitude!

There was tranquility in some bays.  As the morning progressed the water got more blue. In many places there are picnic tables and I wished for a peanut butter sandwich and a long lunch hour just to take it in.  There was a cold breeze so in many ways I was happy to move on and find some good local clam chowder!

We stopped at Devil's Punch Bowl.  The site might be very interesting in higher tide, but when we were there the main 'attraction' was rather boring.  However, around the corner is this area with tidal pools, few waves, and a completely different rock formation.  What a find!

When we got to Newport we were soooooooo hopeful that we could find a site for a sunset shot.  We found one at Yaquina Point. First, let's get the traditional (read boring) sunset out of the way.

Tom took off on his own, as usual.   Just for the record, Tom and I were shooting the same sunset. I say this just in case you think he walked off to a different beach on a different day in another world! He got back in the car with a grin bigger than when he realized he kept his camera out of the ocean.  "I think I got some good ones." he said. He specializes in understatements.





We ended the day with a great ciopinno at Sharks in the older 'bay' part of Newport. We celebrated a day without rain.  We celebrated our time together.  We remembered our friends and family.

Today we are off on a side trip to Eugene.  Seems Tom landed on his filter case when he danced backward into ocean water.  He smashed a couple of essential filters (ND and polarizing).  We could share . . . Nah!  We split up too much.  We will shoot along the way.

Hard to imagine that tomorrow will mark 5 weeks on the road.  Still having great fun.

Have a great weekend.