Back to the Coast

Sitting at Len and Kay's dining table we examined maps of Oregon, checked weather forecasts . . . so many options.  Decision!  Head back to Oregon's northern coast just where we left off to get out of the storm.  We spent the night in Cannon, arriving just in time to pick out a location for a (hopefully) great sunset shot.

These were taken at Ecola Beach. As usual Tom and I split up.  He went wide on me. I went narrow on him. Go figure!  We are speaking lens geek here folks.  For the person following us on the Travelogue that is not a photographer . . . it means that he used a wide angle lens getting in a HUGE amount of landscape.  I used a telephoto lens that gives me greater distance with a narrower view.  One more thing to mention.  If you notice carefully, the large rock at the very back in Tom's first image is called Haystack. In his wide angle photo it looks very far away. In my second image you see the town clearly and Haystack looks much closer. More importantly, it would appear that the distance between the front rocks and Haystack is less than in a wide angle shot.  Just one of those things that photographer use to their advantage when they want to create a certain look.

In the shot below, if you look very, very carefully, the small blip on the right side of the photo and just on the horizon is a lighthouse.  You can see it with the naked eye but can barely see it with the wide angle lens.




As we were leaving Tom struck up a conversation with a gentleman that had also been at the site for a while. Turns out he is the publisher of 'Coast Explorer'.  His name is Gary Hayes and in the last issue of his magazine he has an extensive list of coastal sites that he considers to be the most beautiful spots!! Serendipity again!

Today we are headed down the coast to check out those sites.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.