A Day in San Francisco

Yesterday was a gorgeous, splendiferous, incredibly wonderful day in San Fran. And, every man, woman and child with their family pets within 50 miles, and within the city proper, showed up to enjoy a day outside in all the places we wanted to photograph. It has been a very long time since I have been in such a human-crowded space! Take this girl back to the Redwoods!

No whining, please! We did drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, had lunch in Sausalito, visited the National Cemetary, stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts, marveled at the new Bay Bridge, and managed to get though some extremely slow traffic without losing our cool. I would call that a pretty darn good day. My hat is off to those hardy individuals who can live in this environment day in and out!



This next shot is what I call my 'hurry up and get this'. Wrong lens on and this guy was really moving!  But, it made me laugh and I hope you get at least a grin out of it.



The next two images are from the Palace of Fine Arts, originally built for the 1915 World Expo.


If you are in San Francisco you need a photo of a skyscraper. Taken from the Bay Bridge in a moving car and catching it between the vertical suspension cables. Must say, he is getting pretty good at shooting from the car!!

We still have a lot on our list to shoot in and around San Francisco.  After a good night's sleep and some down time, we are entertaining another foray into town.  There is the allure of a new Sammy's store, fewer people, that long list . . . There is also wine country close enough, and the possibility of the end of our government's shutdown gives us hope that it will open up some photo opportunities such as Reyes Point. We are in great spirits and still having a lot of fun. We are glad you are along.

We wish you a very nice productive week.