Wine Country

We spent the day with Kati taking in the wine country around Calistoga. We shared breakfast, a late lunch, a Classic Flight at Rombauer Winery, and just an awesome photogging day!

We stopped for a number of roadside shots before heading to the winery. The vines are in all shades of green, yellow and orange and some bright red.




Rombauer Winery has a great garden to roam around as you 'sip' your way through your flight. We took photos of flowers and statues before we started sipping, however.

The horse at the right end made me laugh.  The expression says it all. Confused. "So why am I just standing here?"



Once Tom and Kati had their wine glasses they started photgraphing wine color, glasses, bubbles on the edge, shadows on the table . . . of course, there was ample experimentation, moving of glasses 'just so' and discussion about how to approach the best shot. Everyone looking thought they were shooting for a winery pamphlet or travel guide!! Tom said that Kati started it!! I could believe that.  I just watched. Great fun!


Finally, as we checked into our hotel last night, I got the following from Kati, taken with her iPhone.  She arranged a still life photo with grapes she had picked, her bottle of Ronbauer wine and whatever she had at hand.  When Tom first saw it he thought it was a display at the winery. Ha! So, she really can do a travel guide . . . Thanks for the great day, Kati.

This morning we are in Concord, just outside San Francisco.  Tom has a list of 20 to 25 places we should see while we are here. Hmmmm . . . we may just be here all week (assumes I can put up with California traffic).

We appreciate friends and family that are sharing our trip.  Knowing you are going along with us makes it more special and we have enjoyed your comments.