A Return to San Fran

San Francisco is so full of iconic photographic opportunities that we just had to go back.  What a great place to to hone one's photographic skills! Traffic was much better, although parking remained a huge issue, so much so that at one point Tom scamppered out of the car and I drove around the block while he shot the "Painted Ladies". This post is as much about what we learned as about the sites we visited.

One great challenge is to capture the crowded and hilly character of San Francisco along with the side by side existance of old Victorian charm in a very modern city. Photography professionals tell beginners to 'work your scene, work your picture, walk around it, move'! We did a lot of that.  We hope you enjoy what we came up with.

These are the Painted Ladies, a series of homes across from a park that tops a hill. Very different looks can be achieved by simply moving around. Please note the porta-potty in front of the far right home.  The home is undergoing renovation of some sort and lattices have been put on the porta-potty so it fits in better.  LOL




Sometimes you can see a home and actually isolate it. While the Painted Ladies are on the list of 'must see', this house many blocks away was worth a stop as well.

We drove to the Delores Park area where you can see the city below and the extreme hilly nature of the city and its neighborhoods.  I was nervous just parking along the street, remembering wheels need to be turned outward, emergency brake pushed in (and then nervously rechecked a dozen times before getting out).


Towards the end of the day we drove up Telegraph Hill and parked in front of the Coit Tower, built in 1933. The view is great, but rather obstructed by vegetation, making it difficult to get a clear panorama of the city and bay.  The statue of Columbus was notable in the gold light. Yes, the sign on his right hand says 'fu** Columbus', some mischief by a group of kids in the parking lot.

We drove down Telegraph Hill and dined at Pelegrinos in Little Italy. We had skipped lunch in the excitement of our day and we were hungry. The food was great. On the way back to our car, sans gear, we saw a different view of this church against deep nautical light. Up the hill to gather gear, and back down to capture the scene. You know me, keep it simple. Tom, on the other hand wanted tail lights. So much more fun but much more difficult, especially as the cars were intermittent and few and the many buses passing right in front of us were very frequent. Talk about getting a good 30 second exposure!!


Today we are headed back to wine country with plans to meet up with Kati. It will be another great day!

Hard to beileve it is already Wednesday! Hope it is going well for you.