A Classy Dock Junkyard

Photographers should not look down while crossing a bridge.  All too often it results in "Let's go down there. We need to check that out."  Short time later there is a U-turn (legal or illegal) and a trip back across the bridge looking for a road down.  Such was this morning's first bridge crossing.

What we found was a very classy dock junkyard.  It is being put together in loving fashion by Rusty, a guy with some money and a whole lot of 'memorabilia'.  Story goes that Rusty built all of the iMax theaters on the west coast and is now 'downsizing' and putting much of it here.  Whatever the story, the 'crime' scene tells all.


This store sells books. Very nice ones, in fact. I bought one about oceans and the importance of sustaining them, oceanic ecosystems, tragedies caused by man, etc.  I bought it for a gift.  The photography is inspiring. Only cash is accepted, by the way.


Bet the rental on this baby is reasonble.

Then Tom got personal and intimate with this lady.

This is taking container gardening to an extreme.

Every junkyard, to be legitimately classy, has humor.

To be a REAL junkyard, classy or otherwise, you need a DOG.

We spotted a boat entering the marina.  It should feel right at home.

We finally drug ourselves away from these treasures.  Heading south towards Calistoga on some very winding roads, we ended up at Clear Lake for the night. Tomorrow we will meet up with Kati for breakfast and cook up a great photo shoot for the three of us.

Have a great weekend.  We are thinking about you.