Book Club Art

The three composite samples below are representative of the more than 50 that have been created of books read by Diane's book club.  Diane creates a composite for each book the club reads, prints them and then places each in a 16 by 20 inch frame.  The images are displayed in various local libraries 3 to 5 times each year, including the main branch of the Denver Public Library.  Following the samples below are two pages of instructions for creating such composites using Photoshop. Other software that supports layers could also be used.

DK Book Club Compositing-2.jpg
DK Book Club Compositing-5.jpg
DK Book Club Compositing-3.jpg
DK Book Club Compositing-4.jpg

A huge thank you, Diane!  I can see all sorts of uses for compositing and you have inspired me to give it a try. I'll bet it is not quite as easy as you explain it, but I think it will be fun.