Manzanita Lake

Manzanita Lake is the largest lake in Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park.  It has a large campground, lots of day use areas and best of all . . . it has the possibility of getting some really good shots of Mount Lassen reflecting on the lake. 

There are very few times that I leave the house with a specific image in mind and then smile when I see it on my computer screen.  This is just about a perfect match.  That is Mount Lassen on the right and part of Chaos Crags on the left.  The lake was really that blue!  I had a big smile on my face!

There is a one mile plus a bit trail around Manzanita Lake.  To get to the shore where you can see Mount Lassen requires that you hike a little over half way around.  We stopped along the way, of course.

The campgrounds were full and the picnic areas were bustling.  There were kayaks and canoes out on the lake and overall the feeling was one of fun and relaxation.

There are lots of logs just hanging out along the shore.

Some oldtrees are still standing!

And some old logs have been left on the shore. 

I ventured out into some marshy grass for this one.  The mosquitoes were out in force!

Even though I had not spotted Mount Lassen I was very much enjoying this hike.  You would enjoy it as well.  Pretty easy walk.

Ya just gotta love that golden light.

Tom arrived on the 'scene' before me.  I could spot him ahead of me on the shore and I knew he had arrived because he was no longer moving.  AHA!  I did not have much further to walk.

We watched this guy fish for quite a bit.  We could see his line glittering as he threw it out onto the water.  Catching that glitter was another matter.

Green, green, the world was green!

After getting some good photographs of the mountains and lake we rounded a corner on our way back.  This group was getting ready to dive and Tom caught the action.  The water was very cold and when they surfaced they were screaming!  Tom got the whole series and has sent them the photos. 

That's all folks.  Thanks for walking along with us.