Cline Falls

After two full days of driving we arrived in Redmond, OR and after getting Mellie all set up we were anxious to get out and hike a bit (loosen up our stiff bodies!!).  We selected Cline Falls as it was close by and just the right length of a hike for the end of a long day.  The falls are, as the name implies, a series of waterfalls that flow over basalt rocks.  The falls are described as being 20 feet in height but as you can see below they actually have various heights.  We were fortunate to see them with flowing water.  Some years these falls run dry!

As you can see, sort of, we were challenged by shooting into the sun. 

I could not tell what this structure was built for or if it was associated in any way with the falls, but I liked it.  It was located downstream from the falls.

On our way to the falls.  We were actually still looking for the trail at this point and we were taking the most difficult possible route!  We spotted some young kids walking above us and thought, "those kids must be headed to the waterfall".  Let's follow them!  Sure enough, it was an easy hike after getting on the right trail!

We worked the falls for about an hour and then returned on an easy trail to our car.  The last gold of the day lit up scene.