Challis to Lemhi Pass

Imagine you are riding in the back seat of a 2012 Forrester.  We are leaving early in the morning from Challis with the goal of shooting along the highway until we get to Salmon.  Your job is helping us find safe pull-outs for shooting and joining us as we photograph whatever looks interesting (could involve some walking along the road to get back to what we thought that was the 'perfect' shot).  Stay with us as we decide to go a few extra miles to check out Lemhi Pass.  Laugh with us as we realize that this short trip is turning into a long one and we are not prepared for that!  Bump along 12 miles on a dirt road to get to Lemhi Pass.  Feel a bit smug when you get to what might feel like the top of the world.  Enjoy being surrounded by wildflowers.  Breathe in cool fresh air.  Be treated to the most blue sky you have seen in decades.  When you get back into the car, realize that only half the trip has been completed . . . you have the trip back to Challis to enjoy.

From the top of Lemhi Pass looking northward.

Lemhi Pass

Lemhi Pass

Lemhi Pass

Wildflowers gone WILD!  Lemhi Pass.

Lives in the fresh air at Lemhi Pass.

Lemhi Pass but this time looking southward.  Going back home!

On the way back, I spot them.  Stop!  OK, me stop as I was driving.  Purple.  Many photos later we resume our journey home.  Tom is a good sport.  After a bit he joins me in trying to get bees on flowers, or whatever my 'joy of the moment' is.

Decent dirt road.

The diversity in the landscape offers what feels like limitless photographic opportunities.  This is just another 'curve' in the road (with a safe pull-out).

Enjoy the road without commentary.

Quiet commentary.  We were waiting for a pilot car to lead us through a construction zone.  What is a 'bored girl to do!?  Click, of course.

Then click again on the return trip!

Dang it!  He always gets the good shots!  Actually, that is only partially true.  I was driving and pulled over and then drove back to get this shot!!  But, I went down-river to find it (was not a short distance).  He found it right away and grabbed it!  Notice the fence, the reflection . . .  Argh..... It was NOT to be seen down-river!  What was I thinking.  (I must have known, sub-consciously, that Tom would get the shot).  We are a team!

If you are thinking of a great place to explore central Idaho, Challis is the place to consider for a home base.  We stayed at the Pioneer RV Park and were delightfully surprised with great internet service, a convenient and cheap launderette and grass outside our door.  We will happily return here.  If you are a 'senior' you get a discount!