Monte Vista Dirt Drags

I was happy to go back south to Monte Vista to photograph this event with Tom.  He needed a car fix!  Once we got there I remembered how differently we shoot a 'car' event.  I show up to have fun.  Tom shows up to WORK it!!!  He quickly assesses the scene to determine the cars he wants to shoot.  I quickly assess where the food tents are located, where the band will be playing and where the funkiest cars are parked.  So, in fairness to fun and seriousness, I have put my photos first to give you a feel of the place.  It will be followed by Tom's usual excellent car photography.

I made my way to the starting line for the drag races and then we waited.  And waited!  This is the opening ceremonial car.  I could not imagine what we were waiting for.  What are they looking for?

Finally, I heard it coming.  We were waiting for a fly-over between the finish line flags!  Very cool looking plane and I have no idea what kind it is.

Then these planes flew over.  There was a lot of excitement in the crowd about how the races were starting.

There are two people in that cockpit!  I could see them on the second fly-over.

We are off!  The lovely young lady that waved the start of each race jumped up and down every time!  I thought for sure she would get tired, slow down or have someone else take a turn.  Nope!

The quarter mile dirt race track is located on a property with an old two screen outdoor movie lot, a motel and restaurant.  This was the opening car returning from its trip down the track.

Next up.  GO!

Next set racing down the track.  It is hard to tell from the start line who finishes first.  There are no lights or times shown at the finish line.  This event is back to the basics.

Haha!  This driver actually manages to spin his tires and create a 'bit o' mud' while the photographers are finally figuring out where the real photo opportunity is!

She's a crowd pleaser!

Linda (green helmet) has just yelled out to our flag dancer, "Don't let that other car win!"  Apparently, flag dancer is either ignoring her completely or going over to the other car to take care of the matter!  I could not see who finished first.

After an hour and a half of racing I left the fence along the race track and headed in search of other interesting photographs.  How about this one?  A fixer upper?

Vintage RVing.

Detail is interesting to me.  Some of it is art!

Would not meet today's standards for safety or comfort!

I was told it really runs, even can race!

Then, there are the scenes that just touch your heart in some way.  This colorful lady with her umbrella looked out of place!  She definitely added some class!

She danced in the middle of the green through three songs!

The little girl waited so patiently as her dad struggled to get that tiny strap back in the buckle using his big daddy hands.  I was touched.

"Yeah, I am having fun!" he said as he drove by.

Off he took after inquiring where the restroom was!  I think he is having fun too.

One of my favorite leading lines EVER!!

More than dirt, dust and old cars at this event.

Now, it is time for Tom's photos. 

Customized 1936 Ford.

Both are '32 Ford deuces.

Old Sachs motorcycle that caught Tom's eye.

'34 Ford Phaeton.  Pretty gutzy to race down the track in such a nice car.

Going pretty fast to raise that much dust!

1932 Ford roadster.

'32 Ford roadster.

This is an 'outlaw' 1932 Ford coupe with extreme chopped top.

Model A Ford coupe.

#98 is a vintage stock car racer.  The two in front are hand crafted race cars.  They are in the line up to pair off at the start line.

#98 is a vintage stock car racer.  The two in front are hand crafted race cars.  They are in the line up to pair off at the start line.

A cut-down Model T.

1929 Model A roadster.

1936 customized Ford coupe.

1932 Ford coupe.

Same car as above.

Probably the one taken by Tom as I was using him as a leading line.

1932 Ford roadster.

Same as car above.

Hand constructed race car.  The storm eventually moved in over the festivities.

Same 1934 Ford Phaeton.

#31 Model A roadster and behind it is a '32 roadster.

1932 Ford roadster.

Here are two 1932 Ford coupes.

1936 Custom Ford.  He is really taking off at the finish line.

Stripped down Model A roadster.

Whew! If you have made it this far you have spent a full day with us!!  All you are missing is the almost 2 hour ride home through Cochetopa Pass and Canyon along with some great rain.