Lake City

A return to Lake City made for a lovely day trip.  We drove north from South Fork last week but arrived too late to stay and photograph much in the area.  This time we drove south from Gunnison and arrived in time to take yet another dirt road trip .

We always check in at the Visitor Center first if they are open.  Lake City thrives on its tourist business and they can give you a cart full of information, maps, calendars and are ready to answer any question and make recommendations to make sure you have your very own 'peak experience'.

Henson Creek along CR 20 towards Engineer Pass.

We looked over the information we were given and considered the many options for an afternoon adventure.  We chose to drive CR 20 along Henson Creek towards Engineer Pass.  Our goal was to reach Whitmore Falls but Ms Prissy Prius was not up to the last few miles and it was too late to hike the rest of the way.  Henson Creek is rushing towards the Gunnison River which will join up with the Colorado River at Grand Junction.  Tom had fun with slow shots and I was determined to capture the action.

I wish I could add the sound to these images.  Just imagine 'LOUD'!

Ah!  Tom took an action shot after all!! 

Abandoned building from an old mining camp.

As we drive down most county roads we see signs telling us whether we are on private or public land.  There are many homes along the way that can enjoy gorgeous views along with quiet and peace.  However, I imagine the trade-offs of inconvenience and isolation in winter.

Tom got a lot of pretty good shots from the car or by just stepping out quickly if I could pull over.  We cover the road at 10 to 20 mph, depending on the road's condition.  Gorgeous scenery!

Don't you just love rebellious aspen trees that simply do not 'follow form'?

When we returned to Lake City we had just enough time to drive along Lake San Cristobal.  We did not stop until we got to the bridge and the end of the paved road.  I was tired of dirt so we grabbed a few shots from the bridge and then headed home.

I would love to spend even more days in the Lake City area.  If you are thinking of traveling to the area, check in with the Visitor Center.  Have lunch at the restaurant Climb.  I think I named it Altitude in my South Fork blog entry (sorry).  Both meals we have had there were excellent.  You will be able to cover a lot more of Colorado if you have a 4 x 4 vehicle with high clearance. I am not coming back until we have one!!

Tom took on the flower detail!