Wild Horses


Nancy first went with some friends, not serious photographers, to the Salt River in Tonto National Park.  She mentioned that you need a parking pass which can be obtained at Walgreen's or Fry's.  Their first stop was Coon's Bluff and if you are lucky you can even see them in the water.  The best stop of the day was the first right turn after Saguaro Lake.  It was there that they found a herd of 22 wild horses and they put on quite a show for everyone.  Nancy wrote that you can get very close to them!  She used her favorite lens, her 80 to 200mm.

Nancy wrote that this horse seemed to be the dominant stallion.  After pointing to a smaller horse (not shown), he ran the smaller horse off!

"Scratch right here!"

Nancy returned to the area with her granddaughter.  Not sure which photos belong to which trip but they are all wonderful.  Nancy would love to return, so if you have any interest is going to photograph these wild horses let me know and I will share your information with Nancy.