Jiwa and Friends

Let's go to the zoo!  Friends, Jiwa, maybe some flowers . . . I was in.  So glad I decided to pick up my camera and join Tom, Barbara and Rick for a quick stop at the Phoenix zoo.

There is a new Sumatran tiger exhibit.  We stopped by but, quite frankly, we were disappointed.  The male was out pacing along the back fence with an occasional trip to the watering hole.  The female stayed out of site.  Few photographic opportunities there so we headed over to see Jiwa.

My, Jiwa has grown a lot since I saw him last September. 

I believe this is Sasha, Jiwa's older sister.

This is Bess, Jiwa's mom.

Jiwa was picking up just about anything around and tasting it.

I believe that Jiwa was looking down at his mom.


When you watch Jiwa and Bess for a while you realize that they are still VERY close.

Bess has climbed to a perch above the 'playground'.  She is patiently waiting for Jiwa to climb up and meet up with her.

As Jiwa started up, Bess left her perch and headed across the wire ceiling, tempting Jiwa to follow her.  He did.  He has done it before.

It is a long drop to the upper platform from the wire ceiling so as Jiwa got close to Bess on the wire ceiling he grabbed her and hung on.  Ste lowered him, with her, to the platform.

Yep, Jiwa, that is a long way down!  Bess, like all good mothers, keeps that left hand ready to pull him back in case he gets any ideas about flying.

Bess is a willing ladder

Bess is NOT letting go.  He is showing off.  She is not impressed enough to let go.  I loved her calm, easy, but powerful mom stance.

Jiwa keeps pulling.  Remember when mom stood up!  It meant that she meant business!  Bess is just the best mom!

Haha!  There are other things to shoot when you tire of Jiwa.  Rick caught the inquisitiveness of these two birds.  "Do you see what I see?"

Just letting you in on a secret . . . it took a lot of tries for Rick to get this excellent photo.  Rick does not give up easily.

He is so pretty he gets his photo taken twice!

I am pretty too!  Rick thinks so.

The tigers were a disappointment but the flowers were not.

This is a good time of year to visit the zoo.  Not too hot yet, kids are pretty much in school and yet it is light enough that the animals are up and moving about by the time you get there.  We left the zoo and had lunch at Thai Basil in Tempe.  A very fun day!