Lonestar Roundup 2016

Tom returns to this favorite auto show every year.  He travels with his life-long friend Jerry and meets up with other 'lifers' in Austin.  Then, of course, he meets new friends to greet next year.  This year he shot this 1950 Mercury custom to be featured in Jalopy Journal, an online magazine.

1950 Mercury custom.

Two model A's by Tom's friend, Bryan (lives in Austin and travels coast to coast with his cars).

Two rods from Kansas.

Deuce roadster.

1936 Ford roadster.

1950s Ford pickup.

1950 Mercury.

There are hundreds of these Mercurys being built but this is one of the very best Tom has ever seen.

1934 Ford pickup.

Classic Model A Highboy.

1931 Model A coupe.



1931 Ford Highboy.

1932 Ford five window.

1934 Ford built by Tom's friend Lee Pratt who lives in Austin and hosts Tom and Jerry when they come into town for the show.  It won a top award at the show.


Keeping company.

1936 Ford radical custom which was driven 2,000 miles from the East Coast to attend the show.  This car is not a 'trailer queen'!

Green is a Model A sedan and the black car is a 1936 Ford three window.

Same 1936 Ford three window.

1954 Ford (left) and 1934 Ford (right).

1954 Ford cruiser.

1932 Ford sedan.

1931 Model A Lowboy.

1941 Mercury custom owned by Steve Wertheimer, the show's promoter.

1934 Ford.

1928 Model A roadster.