The Yard

There are several very large abandoned buildings in downtown Albuquerque that were once a steam engine company.  A few years ago a group got together to turn at least part of the real estate into something that would serve to bring the community together.  The Yard, as it is known was spruced up just enough to meet safety code and it now opens every Sunday from noon to about three in the afternoon to serve as a combination farmers' market, small local vendor outlet, local food servers and, of course, with some local entertainment.  My brother, Steve, has wanted to shoot on the site for years!  Finally, we could go in with cameras and enjoy the festivities.

There are several large buildings on the site.  Only one is open for the festivities.

A pano shot of one the inside of one of the buildings.  You cannot go in.  But you can take shots over the fence.

Vibrant green weeds actually offer a nice contrast to the endless gray.

This image of a wall is part of the refurbished building.

Still standing in one of the corners of the opened building.

The glass is rather pretty.  But, it can give a green hue to your photos1

This tarot wizard is placed at the entrance to the building.  He has a goose in the back of his booth!  The kids are picking their cards.

He is explaining to the young lad that one of the card he drew suggested that he would be very successful, but only if he worked hard and was a good student.

Walk through the door and you know you are in New Mexico.  If it ain't color it ain't NM!

Combing my purse for loose change . . . . 

Friendly guy with lots of advice for anyone wanting to grow heirloom tomatoes.



Bottle tree.  So much color, so many lines.  A busy photograph.  But at some point I realized that over-stimulation can be a problem in a place like this.

Have a seat.

Wiling to show and let you try it.

Ok, veggies, tacos, soap, candles and all sorts of attire are great.  But what people really want to do is dance.  After all, this is NM and there has to be some great rhythm going on.

Coordination is the key to dancing well . . . style too!

The band leads the way with some hip swinging, dancing down the aisles.

We had a really great time.  I hope to return with Tom.  This is a festival not to be missed if you are in the area on a Sunday.