Mormon Lake

We left the Arboretum in Flagstaff and drove to Mormon Lake.  This normally dry lake bed does have some water in it, just enough to make it smell foul.  Upper Lake Mary has more water than I have seen in the past but we did not stop there.  Had there been a sailboat the decision to drive on might have changed!

Lovely pano!

The light was not particularly helpful in the middle of the afternoon and we soon tired of shooting into the sun.  Greg knew the road to take to drive around on the west side of the lake, including a stop at Mormon Lake Village.  If you have a chance, take that route back the next time you are up there.  Lovely meadows and large trees more than make up for the lack of lake bed view.

This abandoned rock house is believed to have once been a general store.

We enjoyed the trip around the lake.  From there we drove back to Flagstaff and had dinner before returning to Phoenix.  Always fun to shoot with friends!