Prescott Antique Car Show

Tom attended the 41st Annual Prescott Antique Car Club show. It showed a number of “World Class” cars, the likes of which Tom did not expect to see outside of the circuit of prestigious shows he attends across the country, much less in Prescott!. The show covered every inch of Watson Lake Park.

Detail of 1936 Coupe.

Tom asked Leland to pull his 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado out of its row for a series of quick shots. It was the first American production front wheel drive model.

This young lady’s Dad is a member of the Prescott Antique Auto Club and he enjoys restoring old Cushman vehicles like this three wheel mini hauler. She was using it to offer her specialty baked goods!

The Prescott FD had this gem on display. They bought it new back in 1930 and it has been meticulously restored. Tom stated that was the nicest firetruck he has ever seen.

1937 Chevrolet Commercial Delivery Truck.

It was overcast and there was a light shower for about 20 minutes.

This is twelve year old AJ with his dragster. He races and wins at National Championship events. He accelerates to 80 MPH while reaching the end of the 1/8 mile course in less than 8 seconds! He admitted than he had been beaten (once) by his ten year old sister Lindsay in her own dragster, seen in the background, called “Daddy’s Girl”.

Cushman Scooter with sidecar.

Ford pickup….see license plate for the year!

Shelby Cobra Mustang.

Detail from Shelby Cobra Mustang.

1913 Rio Touring Car. Tom learned that the car had been in the same family since 1956 and had undergone a complete concours-quality restoration. Tom told the owner that Jerry’s Dad had worked for Rio in Jerry’s birthplace of Lansing, MI. So, when Jerry came by later, after chatting with the owner for a while, he gave Jerry the last one of his custom made “REO Lansing, MI” t-shirts!

One of Tom’s favorite 1950’s cars is the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Produced in very low numbers, Cadillac built the chassis' in Detroit, then shipped them to Italy where the custom coach bodywork was formed by hand. They sold for $13,078 at a time when the regular Cadillac was only about $4000. One of its key features was the opposingly hinged doors which provided much easier entry.

See above.

As above.

One of the most amazing cars there was this 5/8-scale, drivable, hand-built replica of a 1949 Mercury.

Tom got away from the show long enough to get this fresh take on Watson Lake.

Sleek British sportscar, the 1956 Austin Healey.

Same as above.

Same as above.

The show’s swapmeet area was a place for the car restorers to buy and sell cars and parts. Tom thought $550

A Veteran’s assistance group had this hot rod tank on display in their booth, complete with driver!

Tom had never seen anything like the 30 antique engines that were all running. This one shows two large belt-drive wheels spinning along.

The sky had opened up nicely by the time Tom, Jerry and Geri headed back to the Valley.

1934 Ford coupe, with background showing the diversity of the attendees.

Actually, this was the start of Tom's day.  He and Jerry left very early.  What guys will do to show up early to a car show!!!