Valley of Fire Part II

Valley of Fire is Nevada's flagship State Park.  There is a lot of information about its geological history available from very good sources so I am not going to cover that in these posts.  Almost all the National and State Parks have some section that discusses the natural evolution of the current geology as a combination of wind and water erosion, land upheavals, even volcanoes, the coming and going of oceans, people and animals.  What is so amazing to me is the difference these same words can make in different parks.  When it comes to Valley of Fire I can think of no other that is remotely like it.

Approaching the main area for Fire Wave.

The trail to Fire Wave is short with an estimated hike time of an hour.  That might be true if you are NOT a photographer!!  The challenge is that along the way everything is photo-worthy and then you get to the wave and it requires some careful attention.  Then the light changes as you shoot and the way back it is another new opportunity.  And so our visit went.  We had a lot of fun.  A note here . . . there will be many shots of the key iconic places we hiked.  That is good for two reasons.  If you are really interested you can take your time and thoroughly get into it.  If you tire of any area, just move that cursor or down quickly knowing that you can always return.

Ann's interpretation.

This is a dome-like hill just across from the Fire Wave.  Layers and swirls.  Colors and shadows.

From the trail looking down. By now I was stripping down, jacket wrapped around my waist.  Still in awe.

I turned around to look back.  Incredible view.  I just wish the shot did it justice.

How about some more shots of the area before tomorrow's post of Elephant and Balancing Rocks?

This is one of those 'glance to the left' and there is something there!!

All for this post.  More to come.