Lunch at the Top With Mom

What a GREAT day!!!  Mom and I got into the car.  We were taking mom's homemade potato salad to my sister who has been under the weather for several weeks.  Afterwards we were going to tackle mom's list of things she wanted to get or do.  Somewhere in that plan was taking her to lunch.  As we drove eastward toward the Sandia Mountain, I mentioned how much fun it would be to take the tram to the top and have lunch in the clouds that were embracing the top of the mountain.  She said, "Let's do it!"  We did.

Mom snapped photos both coming and going up the hill.  It was not until we got home that I discovered she has a filter selected on her camera.  At first I considered editing the white balance on each of them, but decided I like them this way!! Some of the images show reflections off the windows of the tram car.

I will have to beg forgiveness later for posting this of her.  Remember, we were not planning on this excursion.  She was to get a haircut later . . . 

We both loved how the clouds were drifting down the canyons of the mountain.

The approaching tram gives you an idea of scale.  Made me feel pretty small.  There is a point when the car operator says the drop to the bottom of a canyon takes 8 seconds.  That gives you a lot of time to scream!!

This is with the filter.  The one below was adjusted.  It is fun to see things differently!!

At the top.  Restaurant was behind me.

Mom was impressed with the ceiling treatment.  We both liked the food!!

Whew!!  Wonderful!  Thanks for sharing.