Wildflowers to Globe

Many are hoping for a bumper wildflower season.  It just may happen.  We drove to Globe, stopping along the way to photograph roadside wildflowers, weather and a green desert . . . and a few other things!

There are a few poppies in Miami, but the background is not stellar.  With the rain and cold wind, only a few poppies were even open.  Elaine captured a rare one!

Ah!  Rain.

Wait!!!  This is not a wildflower.  That Tom!!  Follows his own drummer.

Wildflowers to Globe 21.jpg

A future thistle!

Of course, once in a while you have to look up.  When we did we were treated to some awesome scenery.  Elaine was going to 'get her bird'.  She did, of course.  Two of them.  A little bit of courting going on to boot!!

Mom, don't ask!  Really.  From the middle of the road!

The mine between Miami and Superior.