One Lake of Killarney

Ah, the lakes of Killarney.  Great place to spend a late afternoon and then watch the sun go down.  Well, sort of!  The clouds moved in and cut off a spectacular colored sunset.  However, the colors were barely missed by those of us high up on a ridge overlooking the lake below.

As we left our first site, Daragh (our photo leader), quickly pulled over.  Just a small lake off a bigger lake begged to be photographed.  There are so many of these opportunities around Killarney.

Another interpretation.

Yet another interpretation.  Sharing this many to give you an idea of how many opportunities we are given to frame our shot.  

Haha!  This is where I discovered just how slippery all that wet green can be.  This tree was up on a ledge.  I was climbing up the slippery rocks and grass.  Down I came, tripod, camera and my dignity.  I was not hurt and neither was the camera.  It was not going to be the last fall, however!  I just got back up, scotched up more carefully, rested on my belly and took this one.  Is that not just a most interesting tree?  Many more like that around here.

Another interpretation.  Tom did not fall and even managed to get in the church in the background.

We kept hoping for color.  The clouds moved in more thickly and we were left with this stunning view!  We did not feel sorry for ourselves.

After our shoot we returned to our hotel for a three course meal.  We were treated to sharing the excitement in the pub of Ireland's win in a soccer match.  WOW!  These folks are boisterous when supporting their team. Up next we will have photos from our sunrise shoot after a very brief night of sleep.