Sunrise on Laugh Leane

What better way to start your day than hanging out at Laugh Leane.  Cold, cloudy and absolutely spectacular.  Our goal was to learn how to work with filters while waiting for some good light.  Color would have been nice, but that was not going to happen.

This was taken with a 9 stop ND.  Shutter speed 10 seconds.

Shutter speed 44 seconds.

Shutter speed 121 seconds.  Water is smoother.  Clouds are less interesting (to me).  Ah, but I learned a lot by playing around.

Different time, lower shutter speed and taken with a fisheye lens.  Big stopper filters are tough to mount on a fisheye!

Warmer white balance.  Different look of the same scene.

Ha!  Look to your left.

Or, look to  your right.

Tom really scored on this light.

When he saw mine, he said, "I did not know the boat was blue!"

All for the moment.  After our sunrise shot we headed back to a full Irish breakfast!  Life is tough (NOT)!