When Green is Not 'Color Enough"

We were looking for the golds, oranges and yellows of fall up at the Snow Bowl.  We were too early. The Aspen Trail, just below the Snow Bowl ski area, is a wonderful hike and it will be even better on October 6th.  It is a trail that has aspen, of course, but it is also a trail that opens up so you can see other mountains and far away views.

The grass, variably golden in the light or very light as above, is waist-high.  Gorgeous. unusual abundance.

Moody look.  The ferns have turned a golden copper color.

Egads!  In some places the grass was as high as my waist.

Oh, there are so many special things about aspen other than their leaves.  

If golden trees are not ever present, photographers look for other interesting items. There were still flowers, crazy patterned bark, and many more details to capture our imagination.

So Aspens are blue blooded?

Those of you who shoot with us . . . know that once the gear is arranged, ready to go and we are off . . . we do not stay together.  Usually, there is one individual that sees the gate, so to speak, and goes right when we all go left!  Later, as we share our photos, the left turners  realize that we have no idea where some images came from. The right turner simply smiles! This is usually followed by a 'stare' at the independent photographer followed by the question, "Where were you?"  Barbara took the honors as being the photographer who 'turned right'.

Rick has a brand new Sigma fisheye, f/2.8 lens. This gave him a whole new perspective to work with. He was having so much fun . . . as does Tom when he plays with his fisheye!  So, I decided I 'need' one too!  Tom suggested we share his.  We know that is not going to work . . . 

Just working a sunburst or two!  Or three!

After hiking the Aspen Trail we drove down the hill to a pull out to check out what we thought was a bit more colorful area. I believe this is Humphrey's Peak Trail, but don't quote me.  In a week it will probably be perfect for the yellows we were looking for.

Just capturing some light!

It was a fun trip.  If you are looking for fall color right now try the North Rim.  We heard from hikers who had been there last Sunday and they felt that fall foliage was peaking up there.  We are going to check that out this weekend.