Mama Does the Garden

Celebration time!!  Talked mom into going with me to the Albuquerque Botanic Garden.  Woooo Hoooo!!  Once there we agreed to meet in an hour and I took off to try out some infrared photography.  She would not have it otherwise, not wanting to slow me down.  At the designated time we met by the miniature railway track. I was laboring to get just that 'perfect shot' and I peered over and caught my mother intently focused on getting her shot!!!!  Whoa!  Now, mom has a newer iPhone and later admited to having taken 'a couple of shots'.  Tom has some competition here.  LOL

Mom's shots are included below and I am posting one I took of her.  No, I am not asking permission because she would not give it and when it comes to mom I am really good at asking for forgiveness when it matters.  This is a varied post.  So much fun.  I hope that at the end you have a smile on your face too.

This is my mom!!  No, she does not dye her hair and we are sometimes asked if we are sisters!  She is intelligent, inquisitive, articulate, and today she was adventurous!

There were two male wood ducks and three females.  The females were up in the low branches of a tree overhanging the pond.  The males were guarding the pass, so to speak!  The females were so well hidden that not a single photo turned out well.  Now that I know they are there . . . a quick check next time I go.

I borrowed Steve's infrared filter.  It fits a 52mm lens and the only lens I have that small are both manual focus, older primes.  I chose the 28mm lens.  What follows are the the images, color first, then careful placement of the filter (to not disturb focusing) and the resulting red image that I see on the back of my camera, and finally the processed image.  I used Silver FX and kept it simple by selecting a preset.  Usually I would adjust within Silver FX but did not do that this time.  So, metadata . . . ISO 100, f/2.8, at 10-13 seconds.

Just had to!  Used layers in Photoshop to erase top infrared photo to reveal the color photo underneath.  Somebody has to do the Photoshop when Tom is gone.  LOL

Mom and I did not hurry out of the garden.  We sat for a while, enjoying the gorgeous weather, kids going by and commenting on just about anything that came to mind.  We picked up tacos on the way home from a street vendor, Sabor Mexico.  Then . . . naps!  Glad to share.  Oh, Tom is within 300 miles of Baltimore.  All is going well on his end.  He says 'hi' to everyone.