Right off I tell Tom I want to shoot today.  We roped in my brother and his friend Angie.  We decided on Tohajiilee, a non-contiguous part of the Navajo Nation.  To start, we took the Rio Puerco exit off I-40 west of Albuquerque. This area is what I would term 'high desert' with gentle rolling hills.  A good deal of rain in the last month has brought out tons of wildflowers, grasshoppers and greener grass than usual.  A good two lane paved road soon turns into a dirt road, most of it pretty well maintained.

Running wild . . . 

We have never seen so many wildflowers on the mesa.

Angie pointed out a rock structure off the road, quite a bit off the road as it turned out.  Above the structure was a small rock outcrop atop a small hill. Time to check it out.

We quickly learned that Angie was a 'go ahead' kinda gal. No fear of snakes, bugs, tall grass or forging her own path!

Da Boyz!!  

Angie is just beginning her photo journey.  She used one of Steve's cameras, set to auto, and focused on composition and things that were interesting to her.  She can not only spot big things off in the distance but smaller things right in front of her.  She is off to a good start!

After exhausting our rock photo opportunity, we headed back to the car and on with our journey.  We spotted an interesting tree and once again piled out of the car.

Steve went black and white on us today!!

Two ants.  Really Tom?  I was skunked again by Tom and his fishy eye!

One great subject for black and white is barbed wire.  Better when it is old and twisted!

With the lightness of Angie's feather we leave you until the next adventure.  I spoke with Rick today.  He said it is just too danged hot in Phoenix to go out and shoot much.  Cooler here.  But, fall is just around the corner and we will all be out searching for fall colors.  In the meantime, stay indoors and organize your photos or take in a tutorial.  Cheers.