On the Road to Golden Gate

Good thing that Tom is out taking great photos.  He started this trip in Santa Cruz, hit up Salinas, and then . . . the bridge.

Tom says this may be his new all-time favorite neon signs.  It has stained glass for the lettering with neon in of the glass.  Tom had hoped to make it back to see the neon lit up, but it was out of the way on his return.  Saved for another trip.

Tom spent some time on the campus of the Mission of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, a Spanish mission founded in 1772. Its design is unusual for California missions as it has a secondary nave that is almost as large as the central nave.  Also, its combination of belfry and vestibule is unique.  I love photographing mission churches and this one intrigues me enough to want to ge see it on my own.  That is, of course, unless Tom took a lot more photos.  I love the wooden ceiling and that wall paper look has to be a recent addition but also unique.

Mission of San Luis Obispo de Tolorosa

While in Salinas, Tom got a tire fixed and had breakfast with a friend, Rod Powell. Rod gave Tom a town tour and as a life long resident, Rod was able to offer historical, cultural and political insights. His grandparents had settled there as Dust Bowl Okies just like the Joad family in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. The images below are of Steinbeck's boyhood home.  It is now a restaurant!

Gorgeous detail, eh?

On to San Fran!  We tried to get to the location Tom was looking for on our long trip last fall.  For whatever reason we could not get down to the beach.  I sort of remember a gate being locked and perhaps it was due to the government shut-down at the time.

I allowed a frame on this one. Just love this one.

Now, a couple from the road.  I think these were taken on his way back to Pomona where he overnighted.

Fog from San Francisco in the back.

One of Tom's signature compositions.  Lonely tree, shadow, Golden Hour light. . . 

Nuff for now.  Tom is still in Pomona and headed home later today.  He started his gallery of the Concours d'Excellence on his website last night.  I don't know if it is done yet but if you want to check out the site you can go to tomdavisonart. com.  I am having a blast with my mom and sister in Albuquerque.  Not getting much shooting in but that is more than OK.