Tempe Arts Festival

Hard to imagine more fun than we had.  Six photographers, six views of a huge art festival.  This is a long one for mom.  It may take her all day to peruse it to her full satisfaction!

This was the view from I-10 going east to meet up with the group to ride the Rapid Rail from Camelback and Central to Tempe.  Fog was predicted for the morning. These are the Estrella Mountains.

If you have not tried the Phoenix Light Rail . . . well it is fun, safe and cheap.  Reminded Doreen of her childhood in New York City.

There is so much to photograph at a large festival such as the one in Tempe.  But none of this requires much reading so just enjoy.  Feel free to imagine your own day there. 

Street entertainer up on stilts.

Doreen reports that this young girl  is an audience volunteer to throw up the juggling pins to the unicyclist.  He gave her the hat to wear.  She was cute and did a terrific job.

Focus, focus, focus!

The unicyclist saw Doreen with her camera and asked her if he laid down would she take his picture.  He did and she did.  Then he remarked, "That'll be $20.00."  Quite the comedienne!

Doreen writes:  I call this man the Jazz Singer.  He said to me, "Children can listen to my music because they can understand the words I sing and there is no profanity."  This girl and boy were mesmerized.  His music was very uplifting!  After a while the little boy started to tap his foot.  This made a big impression on me and I was very happy to experience it.

Simply 3.  They played all day without a break!!  

Delving into peanuts at Five Guys.

Strato Glass by Scott Thompson.  Lensbaby 35mm used.

When finished, this chalk art gorilla will be shown reading a book entitled, "The Origin of Man".

An 'oh dear' moment.  The artist's first name is Serena.  These are paper mache sculptures.  Just gorgeous and powerful. Serena welcomed my taking pictures.  She has no worry that her art can be copied.  She said it took her 32 years to master this art.  I used my Lensbaby for most of them.  I will send her all of the photos I took, many more than shown here, if I can find her email address!!  

An old fire engine was simply parked along the side of the street.  Of course, it was there just for the photographers.  No one else seemed to notice it.  But, we were all over that assignment!


At the end of the day we rode a very crowded Rapid Rail back to our cars on Central and Camelback.  We watched the sun go down behind clouds, somewhat grateful that we had not missed a 'to die for' sunset while sandwiched between bicycles and riders.  For me, the best part was not over.  I still get to see the images each friend is going to send for me to put on the blog.  There are always surprises and a keen sense of what I missed.  This is usually accompanied by the thought, "I wish I had thought to capture this image".  Here are the surprises for me from this trip. Thank you.  And, an additional special thanks to Doreen for including her own story with her images to help me tell a better story.  My mom appreciates that too.

The Art Festival goes through Sunday, December 7.  You still have time!!  Go!  Thanks for joining our fun.