John Thomas kindly invited us to join him at the AZ Cycle Park on US Highway 85 to Gila Bend.  Object: improve our action photography.  Definitely out of my comfort zone!!  But we had so much fun that we are going back and improve many aspects of our shooting.  With that disclaimer, enjoy the photos.

I asked, "May I take your picture?"  His response was a left thumb up!  Then he got on his bike and took off a-smokin (below).

Defying gravity!  He jumps from the hill on the right . . . landing?

What can you say?  Just hold your breath!

I asked the young man who rides this bike if he was a bad boy.  "No ma'am."  His father, standing nearby, nodded his head in agreement.

The Cycle Park is actually a huge pit dug out and then filled selectively with hills, dirt traps, sharp curves, etc. all designed to delight the motocross riders.  Both races and practice times are held.  There is a 'peewee' section but adults can learn on that track as well.  All in all a fun group of people who obviously enjoy spending the day at the track.  I would like to thank John for the invitation to join him.  I enjoyed the challenge.  If you get a chance to go, pack your lunch and GO!