Barrett Jackson

Nothing like a car show! Just ask Tom and Jerry. The 2013 Barret Jackson is going on through this weekend so you just might want to check it out.  Here are some of the cars you will find, a very small collection taken from what Tom and Jerry shot in a day.

How about this very rare Italian Alfa Romeo from the 1930's?

Or maybe you would like this '68 Cadillac El Dorado. That would put a grin on my face too!

If you like detail you might go for hood ornaments. This one is from a Rolls Royce.

Maybe a 30's French car?

Perhaps you are into speed. The show has you covered. In fact, this group is for sale as a group. It consists of two very famous and RARE drag race cars from the 60's. They were driven by rivals Snake and Mongoose. They have been restored along with their hauling trucks.  You would need a very large garage for this collection!

Or maybe this speedster, an extremely rare 1950's Bird Cage Maserati!

 Shiny gold bling?

Are you a pickup kinda gal? How about this Chevy?

Do you like odd shapes and driving close to the ground? Must admit that is a pretty blue!

If shiny engines strike your fancy . . . well they have those too.

Or, maybe you just want to have some fun this summer and set up this great attraction and cool down the neighborhood kids with a splish splash party (margaritas are allowed for parents after 5 PM). Be sure to invite me, please.

For me, though, I want luxury so I have saved my two favorites for last. The Packard from the 30's is rather nice. But I really want the very last car, a one of a kind custom body, powerful, big and an 'extreme' luxury car . . . the Auburn!!

My car!!

Oh darn!  Tom says it is outside our budget! But, if you have a couple of million dollars you can bid on it this weekend.

Or, you could just go take some cool shots!