The Teton Commute

Back and forth.  Down this loop, around another.  Stop at this junction, pullout, side of the road . . . And all along the way my trusted navigator pulls photographer duty as well.  Tom sits with his camera in his lap, camera settings set close to what we anticipate we might see as we drive the roads.  These images capture what we see around us as we are driving. These are not photos taken after I pull over and give him time to set up.  So, sometimes the metadata is pretty crazy as he changes one thing quickly to get the shot. Plus, the light changes just around the bend, fog is there, or shooting into the sun.  Or, worse, he has the wrong lens on the camera so makes do with what he has.










Several of you have emailed me asking what camera bodies we are using.  Sorry for not posting that as well, but it would be pretty monotonous.  Tom is using the Nikon D600 and I am using the Nikon D800.  We each have another camera body with us as a spare, both being crop sensor format cameras.  While, in theory, it would be nice to have each available as they each have their own merits, it is simply too much to manage in the field.  We chose the one we would use the most and make it work when the other camera might be better.

Thanks for joining us.