A Lazy Day Amongst Tetons

We boogied early to get that precious golden light.  Around here it is as scarce as vacancies (yes, even in the off season it is tough to get a room).  Off to photograph barns and other old buildings.  We joined a whole bunch of other photographers to photograph old run down, decrepit, debris everywhere . . . I think what is happening is that no one is in charge of Mormon Row. It is not part of the Park Service and has no volunteers preserving its history.  My guess is that in a few years the site will drop off the 'must see, must do' list.

Having observed all of that, here are some images.  I admit to removing the disturbing trash on site.  This is actually the back of the barn.  I could see what I think is hay (?) and I loved the old shovel leaning against the entrance.

Tom had a different take of the same scene.  He headed for the iconic shot with the Tetons in the background. He has a point, why photograph the old barn at all if you can't show where it is at with those fabulous mountains?  Agreed.  But if you shoot from the back to get the shovel you lose the mountains.  Ah, yes, did I mention what a great photo buddy he is!

There is an old house with an outhouse thrown in for extra photographic effect!

And then . . . it started raining.  Checked weather on iPhone.  It was not looking good. So we headed back to the lodge.  The rain did give us some time to catch up a bit on editing and rest.

But, on the way back . . . .


Day before yesterday we went to Jackson Hole.  Nice tourist town. Tom walked around downtown while I washed my new car.  Yes, he offered.  But, I like washing a car my way and am very picky.  It drives even saints nuts so I talked him into taking photos instead.  It was not too hard.  Here is one of his photos.  Made me laugh.

Here are two images from our lodge taken last night in some pretty good light.  Love this place!  It is unique and has really good wifi! No worries mom, we are not staying in the tent.  We have a log cabin type room.


Have a great day every one.