Last Call for Oregon

Yesterday was the last leg of our Oregon coast trip. Last night we crossed the border. Gas prices went up 50 cents.  Taxes resumed on everything.  Nothing else seemed to change as I looked at the coast which knows only physical borders.

We offer fewer photos today.  Tom took most of them as I messed around with video and waves.  Am making some slow, but productive progress in learning what works and what does not.  Audio is a huge problem as there was so much wind yesterday that even my add-on mic only picked up the wind, not the wave sounds. When I have a chance I will also learn more about using Final Cut to correct some taping challenges.

Enjoy our day as we did.  Lots of smiles on these old faces.



Down the road, another pullout. This is called Arch Rock.  There is a precarious hike down to the beach.  We did not attempt it, happy to shoot from above.

Further south, another pullout.  This is called Natural Bridge as it really does span from one side to the other. No beach access.  Challenge was to get a shot from the railing without getting nothing but luscious green plants.


I took a still photo where I had been videotapping.  What a golden effect!!

My favorite shot of the day.  Tom, just standing still (unusual), looking out over the vastness that still causes wonder in both of us.

Today we are going to check out the Redwoods, head south or inland, and share another day together.  Life is pretty good!

Hope your day goes fabulously.