Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing

My mother tells me she misses our Travelogue.  Ahhhhhh! She needs a fix! We have several long trips planned in the future that will fill another or add to the current Travelogue.  But, rather than just add short trips to that, we are creating a new blog for our shorter one and two day trips. Plus, since most of the shorter trips are with fellow photographers we plan on inviting them to contribute some of their best photos taken on the trip for all to enjoy. What may be the most interesting about this format is to have a chance to see how several photographers, at the same scene, capture it differently!!

This trip was taken on October 18th.  Rick and Barbara were with us.









Sometimes, as I look at a photo opportunity, I see nothing but problems with it.  It is nice to see someone else shoot it and make it work.  Rick did that here.

So, this is the start. Tom and I hope very much that it can evolve into a site where many photographers can come together to share and exhibit their very best. And . . . mom, I hope this takes care of your fantastic inquisitive and nurturing nature.

Tom and I also hope that many photographers join us in discovering the world around us, finding meaning and insight that we can barely imagine and, that without the lens and camera bodies that capture images, we dare not trust to memory.

We hope we see you again.